Version 5 - 100 Traits Unlocked for CAS


Version 5 - Reward traits were reworked, now they should be separate from the buyable traits.
Scouting Aptitude trait was also released as a little bonus

I initially wanted to release this updae for the newest patch, but since it's coming like never, I'm doing it now
Version 6 may bring back the Aspirations' Bonus traits, it depends on if they work similarly to how Reward traits do

List of information

1- What this mod does
2- and why I made it
3- List of traits
4- What files to download
5- Featured Creators and Credits
6- Frequently Asked Questions

What this mod does
This mod unhides nearly 100 traits for CAS, which means that your selection of traits expands about two times !
If you were ever bored with the current selection, then worry no more - this mod should help you

Why I made it
Recently I wanted to start a new gameplay. Nothing weird, just a standard sim living a standard life. But I realised, there's still only about 50 traits in CAS and most of them are similar and do... practically nothing (if you don't count some buffs). That's why I made another mod with a weird acronym:
ATICAS - All Traits In CAS

List of traits
I made a Google Sheet containing every single trait covered by this mod. There's some information you may want to know and some that you don't need at all (unless you mod)

Here's the sheet, you can comment your ideas and suggestions on it, I'd be really happy to see some feedback

Or you can check the table below, in the spoiler, but it contains less information

Trait NameFileName (in files)A True MasterAspiration_GP04TrueMasterActiveBaseModActiveAlways WelcomeRewardStore_BGAlwaysWelcomeAmbitiousBaseModAmbitiousAngler's TranquilityAspiration_BGAnglersTranquilityAnimal WhispererAspiration_EP04Animal_WhispererAntisepticRewardStore_BGAntisepticAppraiserAspiration_BGAppraiserArgumentativeParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_ArgumentativeArt LoverBaseModArtLoverBad MannersParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_BadMannersBeguilingRewardStore_BGBeguilingBelovedAspiration_BGLegendaryBookwormBaseModBookwormBroBaseModBroCarefreeRewardStore_BGCarefreeCat LoverBaseMod_EP04CatLoverCheerfulBaseModCheerfulChildishBaseModChildishChopstick SavvyHidden_EP03ChopstickSavvyClumsyBaseModClumsyCold AcclimationRewardStore_EP05Temperature_ColdAcclimationCompanionAspiration_BGEternalBondCompassionateParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_CompassionateConnectionsRewardStore_BGConnectionsCreativeBaseModCreativeCreative VisionaryRewardStore_BGCreativeVisionaryCreatively GiftedToddlersAndChildrensRewardsCreativelyGiftedCritically ConnectedHidden_EP03Hidden_Career_Critic_ThriftyDance MachineBaseMod_EP02DanceMachineDog LoverBaseMod_EP04DogLoverEmotional ControlParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_EmotionalControlEntrepreneurialRewardStore_BGEnterpreneurialErraticBaseModInsaneEvilBaseModEvilExpressionisticAspiration_BGExpressionisticFamily OrientedBaseModFamilyOrientedFertileRewardStore_BGFertileFoodieBaseModFoodieForever FreshRewardStore_BGForeverFreshForever FullRewardStore_BGForeverFullFree ServicesRewardStore_BGFreeServicesFresh ChefAspiration_BGFreshChefFrugalRewardStore_BGFrugalGeekBaseModGeekGeniusBaseModGeniusGloomyBaseModGloomyGluttonBaseModGluttonGoodBaseModGoodGood MannersParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_GoodMannersGoofballBaseModGoofballGreat KisserRewardStore_BGGreatKisserGreat StorytellerRewardStore_GP01GreatStorytellerGym RatRewardStore_BGGymRatHandyAspiration_BGTheKnackHappy ToddlerToddlersAndChildrensRewardsHappy_ToddlerHardly HungryRewardStore_BGHardlyHungryHates ChildrenBaseModHatesChildrenHeat AcclimationRewardStore_EP05Temperature_HeatAcclimationHeatproofRewardStore_EP05Temperature_BurningManHilariousAspiration_BGHilariousHotheadedBaseModHotHeadedI Am The MasterAspiration_GP04TheMasterIceproofRewardStore_EP05Temperature_IceManIn The KnowAspiration_EP03InTheKnowIncredibly FriendlyRewardStore_GP01IncrediblyFriendlyIndependentRewardStore_BGIndependentInsensitiveParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_UnfeelingInsiderBaseMod_EP02InsiderIrresponsibleParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_IrresponsibleJealousBaseModJealousKleptomaniacBaseModKleptomaniacLazyBaseModLazyLonerBaseModLonerLong LivedAspiration_BGLongevityLoves OutdoorsBaseModLovesOutdoorsMarketableRewardStore_BGMarketableMastermindAspiration_BGMastermindMaterialisticBaseModMaterialisticMatriarch/PatriarchAspiration_BGPaMatriarchMeanBaseModMeanMediatorParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_MediatorMelt MasterAspiration_BGMeltMasterMentally GiftedToddlersAndChildrensRewardsMentallyGiftedMentorRewardStore_BGMentorMorning SimRewardStore_BGMorningPersonMuseum PatronAspiration_GP06ArchaeologyScholar_MuseumPatronMusic LoverBaseModMusic LoverNatural LeaderAspiration_EP02ClubPresidentNaturalistAspiration_BGOneWithNatureNeatBaseModNeatNeeds No OneRewardStore_BGNeedsNoOneNever WearyRewardStore_BGNeverWearyNight OwlRewardStore_BGNightOwlNoncommittalBaseModCommitmentIssuesObservantRewardStore_BGObservantOutgoingBaseModOutgoingPerfect HostAspiration_BGPerfectHostPerfectionistBaseModPerfectionistPhysically GiftedToddlersAndChildrensRewardsPhysicallyGiftedPiperAspiration_BGPiperPlayerAspiration_BGPlayerPoeticAspiration_BGEpicPoetPotion MasterAspiration_BGPotionMasterProfessional SlackerRewardStore_BGProfessionalSlackerProfessorialAspiration_BGChroniclerRegained HumanityAspiration_GP04RegainedHumanityResponsibleParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_ResponsibleRole ModelAspiration_GP05SuperParent_RoleModelRomanticBaseModRomanticSavantRewardStore_BGSavantScouting AptitudeScoutTrait_EP05ScoutingAptitudeSeldom SleepyRewardStore_BGSeldomSleepySelf AssuredBaseModSelfAssuredShamelessRewardStore_BGShamelessShrewdAspiration_BGInvestedSickness ResistanceHidden_EP01Doctor_SicknessResistantSlobBaseModSlobSnobBaseModSnobSocially GiftedToddlersAndChildrensRewardsSociallyGiftedSpeed CleanerRewardStore_BGSpeedCleanerSpeed ReaderRewardStore_BGSpeedReaderSpice HoundHidden_EP03SpiceHoundSqueamishBaseMod_GP01SqueamishSteel BladderRewardStore_BGSteelBladderStorm ChaserRewardStore_EP05StormchaserStoves And Grills MasterRewardStore_GP01StoverAndGrillsMasterSuper Green ThumbRewardStore_BGSuperGreenThumbSurvivalistAspiration_GP01SurvivalistThriftyAspiration_BGValuedCustomerTop Notch ToddlerToddlersAndChildrensRewardsTop_Notch_ToddlerTormentorAspiration_BGBaneTreasure HunterAspiration_GP06JungleExplorer_TreasureHunterUncontrolled EmotionsParenthoodCharacterValues_GP05LifeSkills_UncontrolledEmotionUnflirtyBaseMod_EP03UnflirtyVegetarianBaseMod_EP03VegetarianVicariousAspiration_BGLivingVicariouslyWaterproofRewardStore_EP05WaterproofWebmasterAspiration_BGWebMaster

What files to download
It's easy, just follow these three steps
1. Choose which version you want to download. Use only one at a time, because using both may not end up well
Standard Version includes traits conflicting, which means, that you can't choose certain traits for your sim if they already have another trait, that conflict. For example: you can't choose Mean trait for a sim who's already Good, because these two don't work together
No Conflicting Traits version doesn't have these conflicts. It means you can choose whatever you want to, even Bad Manners and Good Manners at the same time
2. After unpacking delete the files referring to the expansions you don't have
At the end of every file there's a code which is also a second name of an expansion. Here's the list of them:

CODENAMEBGBase GameEP01Get to WorkEP02Get TogetherEP03City LivingEP04Cats and DogsEP05SeasonsGP01Outdoor RetreatGP04VampiresGP05ParenthoodGP06Jungle Adventure
Delete every file that refers to an expansion you don't own. For example if you have everything except of Get Together and Vampires, then delete Aspiration_EP02, Aspiration_GP04 and BaseMod_EP02 files
Unless you own every pack, then just skip this
3. Delete the files which contain traits you don't want
Remember the list of traits ? You can check in which file the traits are. So if you don't need any traits from a particular file, then just delete it and forget it

Featured Creators and Credits

Sims 4 Studio for existing and making me able to create this mod
Minimonster from S4S Forum who give me information on how to make traits conflict
EP1CxEMAN8 Plays for giving me some feedback on Google Sheets and letting me know that one trait was accidentally skipped
Plumbella for creating an amazing overview of this mod (which I have to say I saw first)
Luque Sims for creating another overview of it
As well as itsmeTroi for making her own video about it
I love you all <3



Question Answer
Where's the bonus traits ? They'll probably be back for Version 6, released after the Nov patch and before Get Famous
My game doesn't launch/crashes with this mod. What should I do ? Check if you surely haven't downloaded both version of this mod. And if you didn't try removing it by using 50/50 technique. I think you know it. And if the game doesn't launch with any of this mod's files, then maybe it's just a mystery, sometimes computers can't make something work for no reason and you should just get over it.
Is it translated ? Yes it is, the translations are already in the game
Can I pick and only use some particular traits I want ? If you have basic knowledge of how to edit .package files in Sims4Studio, then you'll be able to figure it out bu yourself
What happens if I make a sim with these traits, remove this mod and load up the game ? Absolutely nothing. They just won't be available for new sims in CAS, but already created sims will have these traits
What happens when I share a sim with these traits in the Gallery ? They are uploaded with the sim, but anyone without this mod won't see them (unless they check the traits during Live Mode)
I have a few blank traits without any name and with a white llamacorn icon That's what happens when you don't delete the files adding the traits from the expansions, which you don't own. Go back, read carefully and you'll know what you did wrong
Does this mod require anything else ? No


First Uploaded: 24 November, 2018
Last Updated: 20 hours ago

Basic Download and Install Instructions:

1. Download: Click the File tab to see the download link. Click the link to save the .rar or .zip file(s) to your computer.

2. Extract: Use 7zip (recommended), WinRAR (Windows) or Stuffit (OS X) to extract the file(s) from the .rar or .zip file(s). OS X also has a built-in utility for that (just rightclick).

3. Cut and paste the file(s) into your Mods folder:

  • Windows XP: Documents and Settings\(Current User Account)\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\
  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1: Users\(Current User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\

Need more information?

  • Anyone can use both .rar and .zip files easily! On Windows, use WinRAR.
  • If you don't have a Mods folder, just make one.