RK800 Connor (Sim) by LadySpira


Connor is a CyberLife RK-series prototype, model RK800, serial #313 248 317.
He was released in August, 2038. He is designed to investigate and deal with
deviant androids and assist the Detroit City Police Department therein.


UPDATE (23-08-18) I've made some minor changes (only slider adjustments) since after creating other characters from the game, Connor suddenly looked like a little boy in comparison.

I apologise in advance for the tons of CC I have used, but that's normal for my standards

Sim Category: Male / Young Adult

I didn't choose Connor's traits and alternative outfits with much care, so they might need a little make-over



Clothes + Accessoires

- Jacket
- Jeans by Simsontherope
- Eyelashes (''Eyelash Designs Pack 1'') by Kijiko


- Hair by Rusty
- Eyebrows by Obscurus-Sims
- Skintone by MsBlue
- Skin Overlay by RemusSirion

Skin Details

- Freckles by MsBlue
- Eyebags by PralineSims
- Eyebags by Stefizzi
- Eyelids by RemusSirion
- Nose Mask by RemusSirion
- Nose Shadow by RemusSirion


- Eyeliner by Bobur
- Eyeshadow by Mr.Analot
- Eyes by Urielbeaupre
- Blush by PralineSims
- Lips by Obscurus-Sims

Facial Sliders

- Nostril Slider by Hellfrozeover
- Eyelid + Pupil Slider by Obscurus-Sims
- Lip Sliders by Obscurus-Sims
- Nose Width Slider by Teanmoon
- Cleft Chin Slider by VibrantPixels

Body Sliders

- Hip Shape + Neck Height Sliders by LuumiaSims
- Calf Sliders by VibrantPixels


Thank you for choosing an RK800 & Happy (android) simming!

Additional Credits:
Detroit: Become Human (Game)
All creators of the featuring CC
Original Comparison Pictures Source #1 + Source #2

First Uploaded: 29 September, 2018
Last Updated: 29 September, 2020

Basic Download and Install Instructions:


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2. Extract: Use 7zip (recommended), WinRAR (Windows) or Stuffit (OS X) to extract the file(s) from the .rar or .zip file(s). OS X also has a built-in utility for that (just rightclick).

3. Put the 5 files ending with .householdbinary, .trayitem, .sgi and .hhi into your Tray folder (C: Electronic Arts / The Sims 4 / Tray). DO NOT RE-NAME THOSE FILES.

4. Put all downloaded CC into your Mods folder.

Need more information?

  • Anyone can use both .rar and .zip files easily! On Windows, use WinRAR.
  • If you don't have a Mods folder, just make one.

Special Installation Instructions

  • If you get an error that says "This content requires expansion pack data that is not installed", please use either Clean Installer to install this sim.