Retail Career (Rabbit Hole Career for TS4)


Some Sims just aren't destined to become a doctor, scientist or astronaut.

That's where this career '€” what I've planned to be the first in a series of many "realistic" careers '€” comes in.

The Retail career sees your Sim climb the ranks from a lowly Trainee all the way to a Franchisee, where they own their own business. I'm most excited about the fact that reaching the top of this career (or any career I upload) does NOT require any maxed out skills to reach the top.

There are no chance cards or multiple career branches just yet. It's my first mod, which means it's a work in progress. I'll see about adding chance cards in the future. I don't have any translations at the moment, but if you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer to do so, let me know.

Please note that this is a RABBIT HOLE career '€” it is NOT tied to the Retail function in Get to Work, where you can own your own business, nor is Get to Work necessary to use this mod.

Have fun, and feel free to leave feedback and suggestions.

Created and tested with patch Mac


A position in retail calls for equal parts charisma to keep people happy and logic to crunch numbers when you've got customers wrapped around your register. If you can withstand the long hours on your feet and insults hurled at you from unhappy patrons whose coupons don't work, then you may have just found the career for you.

Levels, Titles, Schedule & Pay:

Level 1 '€” Trainee '€” §12/hr

Your interview lasted fifteen minutes before you were hired on the spot. You're now a trainee, which means suffering through several hours of unhelpful training modules on a fifteen year old computer with dial up internet speeds. Get through them and you'll soon be on the floor with all the other nameless, faceless associates.

Schedule: M-T-W-T-F, 8 AM to 4 PM/8 Hours
Mood: Happy
Objectives: None

Level 2 '€” Bagger '€” §16/hr

You're on the sales floor, but management isn't sure if you have what it takes to check out customers yet. Work on your people skills and basic math in your spare time, and you're sure to be behind a register in no time.

Schedule: M-T-W-T-F, 8 AM to 4 PM/8 Hours
Mood: Happy
Objectives: Logic 1, Charisma 2

Level 3 '€” Cashier '€” §22/hr

Cash or credit? You're on the front lines now, scanning (and sometimes bagging) every customer who comes your way. It's long hours, little pay and stressful but if you hang in there, there's bound to be something better around the corner.

Schedule: T-W-T, S-S, 7 AM to 5 PM/ 10 Hours
Mood: Happy
Objectives: Logic 2, Charisma 3

Level 4 '€” Stock Associate '€” §29/hr

Free from customers at last! Well, kind of. As a stock associate, you've left your cashier days behind you in lieu of keeping the store stocked and tidy. You'll still run into customers, so keep your people skills sharp and work hard.

Schedule: M-T-W-T-F, 7 AM to 5 PM/10 Hours
Mood: Happy
Objectives: Charisma 4

Level 5 '€” Associate Keyholder '€” §35/hr

You've excelled in all the floor positions so well that management has made you an Associate Keyholder. Not only will you open the store, but you're also responsible for training new employees and scheduling work shifts.

Schedule: M-T-W-T-F, 5 AM to 3 PM/10 Hours
Mood: Happy
Objectives: Charisma 5

Level 6 '€” HR Associate '€” §42/hr

You're finally free! As an HR associate, you've been whisked away from grueling hours and cranky customers on the sales floor to a cushy desk job in the office. Take phone calls, process applications and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Schedule: M-T-W-T-F, 8 AM to 4 PM/8 Hours
Mood: Happy
Objectives: Writing 2, Logic 3

Level 7 '€” Assistant Manager '€”$50/hr

With a higher position comes greater responsibilities, namely in the form of huge stacks of paper on your desk and hiring (and firing) associates. But it also comes with better benefits, like increased pay and more time off. Impress the higher ups and they might keep you in the running for something better down the line.

Schedule: M-T-W-T-F, 6 AM to 2 PM/8 Hours
Mood: Confident
Objectives: Writing 3, Charisma 6

Level 8 '€” Supervisor '€” §80/hr

You're in charge of overseeing the success of the entire store now. Everything, from the employees to the store inventory, is brought to you first before anyone else signs off on it. You've made it pretty far, but can you reach the top?

Schedule: M-T, Th-F, 10 AM to 8PM/10 Hours
Mood: Confident
Objectives: Logic 4, Charisma 6

Level 9 '€” Regional Supervisor '€” §125/hr

You've gone from ensuring the success of a single store to several, all of which you spend your time traveling between to keep things in check. Such a massive task comes with lots of perks, however, so you can't complain too much.

Schedule: M-T-W-T-F, 7 AM to 3 PM
Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 7

Level 10 '€” Franchisee '€” §350/hr

Running a slew of stores was such a piece of cake for you that you've decided to own your own franchise. Aside from a few days a week of mandatory meetings, all you have to do is sit back and reflect on your retail journey. You've reached the top!

Schedule: M-T, Th 8 AM to 1 PM/6 Hours
Mood: Confident
Objectives: Charisma 8

Additional Credits:
Neia's Create-a-Career Tool
Python 3.3.0
Career Icon by Veritis
Career Module Image by Metric Stream

First Uploaded: 1 October, 2018
Last Updated: 16 hours ago

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